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Stream a doof to Twitch


Before I start, I make sure I have the following setup in my space:

You will want to have have something similar.

Start the Doof

On the Cyberdoof homepage, select "Enter Cyberspace". This will drop you directly into Doof Island, with options to customize your avatar on the right and customize the space on the left.

Streaming to Twitch requires a published Cyberdoof space. We will use the default island so we can get streaming quickly.

Click the house icon on the left to open the Space tab, then scroll down to "Publish Space". Give your doofspace a name and share the guest links with friends if you'd like.

Setup the Twitch Stream

For this session, we are going to select a few audio/video inputs and then output them to screens on the island and to Twitch.

So first thing we need is to set up Twitch so it is available as an output option.

Click the TV icon on the left to open the A/V tab and scroll down to External Outputs. Click the Add Twitch button. This will pop up an authorization screen giving Cyberdoof the okay to stream to your Twitch account.

With that admin done, let's set up the space.

Set up your screens

At the top of our A/V window are our available inputs. First, we want a nice image for the cubes. Open a new tab and navigate to


Back in cyberdoof, select Desktop Capture as an input and choose this chilllll tab. An options box will appear with all the output options. While you can select multiple outputs, just choose cubes for now. There will now be happy cartoon animals chilling in the water on the floating cubes of the island.

Next, choose your webcamera from the inputs section. Like before, an options box appears with multiple output options. Choose main and see yourself appear on the big screen in the center of the island.

Lastly, and the part that really brings it all together, we'll add the Space Camera to the island.

Space camera

The space camera adds a camera object to your doofspace that anyone can pick up to become the videographer of your digital scene.

In the A/V tab click Add Space Camera. This puts you into the camera drone control view. You can navigate around the island to find the best framing.

Once you have a nice angle set up, select the "External Output" option in the video destinations list. This connects the camera view to Twitch.

You now have everything set up, and are ready to stream

Start streaming

In the A/V tab, scroll back down to the Twitch section. In the top corner of the Twitch options box is a gear icon. Clicking this will give you a preview of what will show on Twitch.

If it looks just right, close this preview screen and select Start Streaming.

There is a checkbox next to this button that lets you add the Twitch chat to your doofspace. You can see and respond to your Twitch messages directly from your doof.

During your performance

While you play, you can move the camera around to capture different angles. Or, if you have friends in the doofspace with you, they can pick up the camera, share it around and position it wherever they want.

Winding Down

When you are ready to be done, navigate to the Twitch box in the A/V tab and click "stop streaming". Then navigate to the Space tab and choose "close space". This will (politely) kick everyone out.