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Space Building Reference

Getting started with MagicaVoxel

MagicaVoxel is a free 3D pixel art creation tool that can run on Windows and Mac (or under Wine on Linux). It is currently the only way to build content for Cyberdoof.

Building at correct scale

Cyberdoof uses a fixed scale of 10 voxels (volumetric pixel or vx) per meter. This means that a single voxel in your build will be equivalent to 10cm world size.

The maximum build size supported by MagicaVoxel is 2048vx wide by 2048vx deep by 1024vx high. Cyberdoof also supports up to this size, however depending on build density, you may encounter performance issues on builds this size. Please email hello@cyberdoof.com to report any such issues.

Adding video screens and audio sources

To create a screen:

Adding an audio source is very similar:

Lighting and atmosphere

Cyberdoof tries to match the sky, sun position and lighting of your MagicaVoxel scene as much as possible. However, since they use very different rendering systems, there will be a number of differences that will require experimentation to get just right.

The following environment and scene options are supported:

Emissive materials cast light much like they do in MagicaVoxels and you can set the brightness of the light source using Emission option. However there are a few differences:

Controlling where avatars spawn

By default avatars will spawn in a random location near the center of your space. However if you prefer, you can use special objects to set locations for avatars to spawn.

Making interactive and wearable items

Turning an object into an item is much like adding other types of special objects:

Add a /type option to customize the item behavior:

Items default to 0.5 size, however you can set any scale you want using =SCALE option

Adding palette color animations

Customize collisions and climbable surfaces