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How To Doof

A doof is a party space accessible through your web browser. It is meant for raves, watch parties, hangouts, or whatever else you feel like getting up to with friends.

Like most parties, a doof is at its core a space, some people, and vibes.

The Space

The doof is a 3D virtual space of nooks, crannies, and giant screens. There are several starter templates for you to choose from -- a party island, a city club, an ocean rig, and more. You can also upload your own custom space.

On the homepage, click Host Party. This will drop your avatar into the calm, endless waters of the space selection screen.

For this example, we'll choose Doof Island. Once you've chosen your favourite, click Publish Space. You are now ready to invite some friends!

The People

When you publish the party, you are given two links: your host link, and a guest link. You can send either to your friends, however:

At the start, the space is available to you and five friends for up to three hours. However, you (or a guest) can boost the space to increase its capacity or duration.

Invite a friend now, by sending them either of those links.

With your friend here, let's talk about your avatar and playing in the space.

Your Avatar

Everyone that joins a doof gets their own customizable 3D avatar. On the right hand side of the screen is your avatar icon. Click this to get to the customization screen. You can name yourself, change your height, color, head pointiness, foot floppiness, and more.

To Move

You can walk around the space with W,A,S,D (or using the onscreen buttons). You can change camera perspective by clicking and dragging the mouse. Alternatively, if you double click on the screen, you'll enter pointer-lock mode and can control the camera just by moving the mouse.

Hit the space bar to jump. Hit shift+space to jump high. Hit "X" to sit. Hold "F" to fly.

In Cyberdoof, you can communicate with other people through chat, placing things on your head, and, of course, DANCE.

To chat

At the bottom of the screen is a chat window. Anything you type there will float above your head for others to read.

Your chat will disappear after a few moments. There is no chat history.

To put things on your head

Your doof space can be filled with interactive objects, and many of our space templates come with them already. As you walk around, if you see an object, hover over it. It should glow blue. Clicking the object lets you then place it somewhere on your avatar: either hand, on your back, or on your head.

You can click the item again to move its position or remove it.


In the lower left is a dance icon. Clicking this will reveal your dance sequencer. Each number on your numpad triggers a different dance move. You can string them together to fashion a dance and then hit enter (or the checkbox) to save the loop. Your avatar will continue their dance until you X it out (backspace), or design a new one.

So Now that we have our place and people, it is time to set the vibe.

The Vibe

The heart of cyberdoof is in the audio and video streaming. Throughout the doof space are blank screens you can project video to from a variety of sources. You can also project audio across the entire area or, depending on the space chosen, to particular zones.

On the leftside of your screen, you will find a TV icon. Click this to bring up the streaming options. The most straightforward option is Desktop/Tab Capture. With this you can select a chrome tab and stream its audio and video. You could also choose a particular window on your computer, or the entire screen.

Once you select the input, you'll seen an option to select the video destination. Each space will have different destinations and different amounts of screens. If you are in Doof Island, for example, you can stream to the main big screen, all the cubes, or the small info boxes.

In addition to this, you can also choose an external input called an RTMP source.

You can mix and match these streams as much as you'd like. For example: You could play a YouTube video on the cubes, while you play music across the island on your computer audio, show a dancing baby gif on the big screen coming from another browser tab, and display your friendly face on the info screens using your webcam.

If you have multiple hosts, each host can stream to a different screen target. If a host chooses a screen that is already playing something, they will replace whatever's playing with their own.

Now, you have your space, your friend, and something nice playing on the screen and speakers. You're just about ready to have a good time. There are a couple more points to help with this: memories and moderation.


Next to the chat icon is a camera. You can use this to take photos or video of the party. These are saved to your computer to be shared wherever and whenever.

You can also stream your doof to Twitch (or any service that supports RTMP). This can be especially fun when you are using the 3D viewport stream, so that you can share both the music and the madness of cyberdoof.


Cyberdoof isn't really meant for huge public parties. You will likely be creating an event that is shared among known friends and friends of friends.

However, you may still find someone is causing issues and you need them out. As a host, you can click on an avatar and kick them from the space, or ban access for 24 hours. This ban will apply to their entire IP address.

Let's Doof!